Treaty of Paris Period (1783-87): The Bridge Between the Revolution and the Constitution

The National CONTINENTAL CONGRESS Historical Society

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Mark Croatti of Annapolis created the Annapolis Continental Congress Society and handles public relations.  He teaches courses on American Government, the Presidency, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics, Native American Politics and history at the United States Naval Academy, Georgetown University, the George Washington University, the American University and several institutions in the University of Maryland system.  He has written for What's Up? Annapolis and The Business Monthly and worked five years for Science magazine.  He was a consultant to the International Program at the Howard Hughes Medical institute and a technician at the National Archives.  He was a Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency from 1987-88. A registered independent, he has served in the offices of United States Senator John Seymour (R-CA, 1988-91), Arizona Governor Fife Symington (R-AZ, 1992) and U.S. Congressman Norman Mineta (D-CA, 1993-94) and also served in several positions as a volunteer in the Clinton White House during his first term.

Ellen Moyer of Annapolis is the political consultant to the Annapolis Continental Congress Society.  She served as the first female mayor of Annapolis from 2001-2009.  Prior to serving as mayor, Moyer was a member of the Annapolis City Council (1987-2001) and the Maryland Racing Commission (1999-2003).  She also taught a year of fifth-grade in Baltimore County, Maryland, served as executive director of the Maryland Commission for Women in the late 1970s, as a lobbyist of the Maryland Teacher's Association, and as a member of the Strategic Committee on the State Plan for Higher Education (1999-2000).

James Thompson is the publisher of Commonwealth Books.  He has been featured on WNAV radio in Annapolis and spoke at the 2012 Continental Congress Festival, held in Annapolis. He has lectured at George Mason University on the Patriotic Movement and the debate in the First Continental Congress about the sources of the rights held by "British Americans."  His current book, The Dubious Achievement of the First Continental Congress, is the second in Commonwealth Books' "Pocket Book" Illustrated Histories series.